TuffStuff Workwear – New Products for 2017

This is a special roundup of some of the best products I’ve seen from Tuffstuff in 2017 and this is the HPM edition. Tuffstuff has an ever expanding range at the minute. I’ve selected just a few of my favourite products. They go together well and are ideal for any sort of industry. First is the Brookland 247 jacket. It has reinforced fabric over the shoulders and elbows plus over the front of the pockets. It’s a ripstop type fabric, which is water resistant and very strong as it has the Tufftex fabric on. Would look great with your logo on. This goes great with these 700 Extreme trousers, detailed again in the black and the grey. These are new on the market and are a cotton canvas fabric. Lovely little Castle badge on the back, nail pockets on the front and cordura fabric on the top loading knee pads, on the hem and at the back of the trouser, so great if you’re on the building site so you won’t scuff them out quickly. Next is the 50/50 poly cotton polo shirt. Lovely and soft. Contrast again of black and grey. Open cuff sleeves. Also, I have the Hertford jacket, which is the 255. It’s water resistant, breathable and again has the lovely contrast of red plus waterproof zips all round.