Best Work Trousers Work Trousers on the Market ?

I have just reviewed the TuffStuff Work Trousers new in for 2017 and boy are these great! Now, you guys know that there are hundreds of workwear trousers on the market, some extremely expensive and some at the bottom end which are unbranded and frankly are not worth the money. Before you have left the changing room, the crutch will have split out and you will be lining up to get a replacement. In my shop, we will not compromise on quality and as a workwear reviewer I will not review inferior products. This brings me to a company called Castle Clothing. Now ever since I have been selling workwear, I have had the pleasure of selling their products. The range was traditionally pitched at an agricultural field but as time progressed, Castle re-invented themselves with a brand-new range of workwear called TuffStuff Workwear. Over the past few years I have watched and sold an expanding range and had some excellent feedback. Not only is the quality great, but the price point of these products is extremely competitive. Now just because this range does not carry a power tool brand it should not be walked by in a workwear or builders store. Pick up a pair and give them a try; the thought process into the design and materials are of great quality. That, coupled with a long proven and reliable company and design team, will give you a great hard wearing workwear product. This is my review on the Tuffstuff 700 Work Trouser. I hope you enjoy the review as much as I enjoyed looking over the product. It will do you proud and save you a penny or two! Here are a few key points about the 700 Work Trouser from TuffStuff: Great branded YKK zip, increased crutch saddle stitched fabric to increase strength and remove the traditionally weak seam join. Thick wide belt loops and 2 cargo pockets, both of which have a bellow type makeup that is great for all you sparkies and builders wallets. Plentiful Cordura material mixed with a 330 gsm cotton canvas fabric and finished in grey and black. Pockets made on material folds for strength, plenty of bar stitches for re-enforced strength, an ID badge holder and removable nail pockets. There is loads going on with these trousers and I am happy to say for the money they are strong and a great fit!